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Having problems with your air conditioner? Are you in need of heating repair service? When was the last time you had preventive maintenance?

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Air Conditioning & heating installation

Your home is your most important investment and it would be just as important that you stay comfortable. Yet, air conditioning and heating, while the hardest working part of a home, is also the most forgotten part until it’s no longer working. If your system is over 15 years old, it may be time to consider replacing the air conditioning system.

Investing in a new air conditioning or heating system to ensure the needs of your home are met start with selecting the right HVAC system to provide for heating, ventilation and cooling needs.

HVAC Duct Repair

Heating and air conditioning systems need to have high quality duct work to carry the controlled air around your home so it can work properly. If these ducts are leaking or broken, it will result in loss of air you’re paying good money to control. Leaks are the most common cause of duct failure. A leak or damage could be triggered by incorrect installation, mice, insects, and other issues.

We offer multiple options of ducts repair and replacement services for all various kinds of duck work. Fixing or replacing your ducts could significantly increase the efficiency and reduce monthly energy costs.

If your ducts are bent, clogged, leaking or making needless turns, it means that you need to have them replaced. Have us come to do an estimate for free, and we will offer you the most reliable and cost-effective options of duct work as well as replace them for you.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

Key benefits from getting regular maintenance for your AC system:

Less costly repairs- getting consistent air conditioning maintenance potentially reduces the need for air conditioning repair.

Lower monthly energy bills – regular proper maintenance of your AC system will increase the efficiency of its operation. A more efficient system uses less energy to run which helps reduce monthly energy cost.

Extended lifespan – just like a car, regular maintenance can extend the life of an air conditioner by addressing small problems before they become large ones. We can also provide an annual maintenance plan, where Yaeger Services will keep your system running all year round.

Heating Tune Up

Key benefits from getting regular maintenance for your heating system:

Less cost repairs

Lower monthly energy bills

Extended lifespan.

Mini-Split System

Mini-split systems are a high-efficiency way to cool and heat your home. Ideal for home remodels, non-ducted HVAC systems and zone comfort, units can be flexibly mounted on the wall or ceiling, depending upon your space. Our technicians are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of mini-split systems. While your initial system investment is more than a traditional furnace or AC system, mini-split owners experience significant energy savings on these ductless indoor climate systems.

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