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Blow-in insulation or loose-fill insulation can be made with several materials, including fiberglass, rock wool, and cellulose. It comes in a variety of forms, such as shreds, granules and nodules. Do you need to re-insulate your home in the San Antonio, Texas area? We are experts when it comes to insulation and energy solutions for all types of homes.

These are the most important areas of a home to insulate are the attic and the interior and exterior walls.


New attic insulation will provide you with savings in both the summer and winter months. A one-time investment that will last forever. Whether it’s unfinished or used as extra living space, it holds a lot of potential for energy savings. The attic should be thoroughly insulated:

  • Between and over the floor joists in unfinished attics
  • In access door
  • Between knee wall studs
  • Between the studs and rafters of exterior walls and roof
  • In ceilings with cold spaces above


Once you’ve insulated your ceiling and underfloor, installing wall insulation is the next most effective step for reducing heat loss in your home. These are the walls that should be insulated:

  • All exterior walls should be insulated, including walls between living spaces and unconditioned spaces
  • Foundation walls above ground level
  • Foundation walls in heated basements

Types of insulation materials


It is made up of loose particles which are blown into an attic or into wall cavities.


Batt insulation is insulation that comes in pre-cut panels. It can be installed in various areas, such as the attic and walls.


Cellulose insulation is plant fiber used in wall and roof cavities to insulate, draught proof and reduce noise.


It is ideal for small gaps, crevices and cracks in your home’s envelope, as well as around piping and ductwork. 

Looking for a insulation company in San Antonio, Texas area?

Insulating your home’s attic keeps your family comfortably warm and cool in all seasons. Installing or replacing old insulation is one of the most important things a home owner can do towards improving energy efficiency in the home. The benefits to insulating your home cannot be understated and have positive effects during all seasons!

Blow-in insulation is most commonly used in attics while fiberglass batt insulation is installed in wall cavities or vaulted ceilings. Using blow-in insulation in attics is cost-effective. It saves money and reduces energy costs.

Insulation in the attic keeps our homes warm during the winter months.

And also, it helps to keep our homes cool during the summer months.

 Our goal is to help you decide on the insulation you can afford, works best for your attic, and install the insulation correctly.

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